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Friday, June 3, 2011

Old Soul by Kellee Farr

Seventeen-year-old Trinity Fellows and eighteen-year-old Rachael Brineshaw lived in America more than one hundred and fifty years apart. As their relationship unfolds, Trinity realizes that events of the past can still be altered to make right a life that was tragically cut short.

Trinity unknowingly relives her past lives in her very vivid dreams, sometimes feeling as if she has been asleep for months – having to put up with primitive plumbing and toothbrushes made from bone were just the beginning of her inconveniences. When she wakes, she’s left both exhausted and scared. Luckily she finds much needed support from her best friend, Erica, who likes to think of these dreams as their personal soap operas.

After consulting a crazy palm reader, she finds all answers lead to her mother. Her soul has been reincarnating for centuries. Unlike her mother and grandmother, whom she finds out are old souls as well, Trinity has influence over her past lives. She must fix what has wronged her soul, starting with the girl her dreams have been focusing on lately – Rachael, the young wife of an American plantation owner in the early eighteen hundreds. Trinity has to stop Rachael’s death. If she can do that then she will not spend her nights reliving the life her soul would have jumped to next – a little slave girl bound for the deadly sugar plantations of Jamaica. Trinity will help Rachael escape her abusive husband, save the little girl and even find love.

Old Soul, the first book in a series for young adults, is around 90,000 words.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kellee Farr

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