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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Angel Project by Timothy Lincoln

Created in a lab, Lisa is kidnapped by Samantha Isle. An agent working for the government on a project to create the perfect agent. Going on the run, Samantha and her husband disappear.

Nineteen years later, they are living peacefully as a family. Hiding the past from Lisa as she receives horrific visions from an unknown source, completely unaware of the other half of the project.

Meanwhile, Captain Azreal of the SAS find out about his sister Lisa. Escaping from the Lab, he sets out to track her down, manipulated by an ex-SAS trained band of criminals. Leaving behind a path of destruction as he tries to find his sister and save her family from a violent team of killers sent out to bring him back, dead or alive.

The Angel Project is 90,000 words of action packed adventure aimed at a YA audiance. The full manuascript is avaiable on request.

Timmy Lincoln

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