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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Claiming Words by Tricia Drammeh

*** UPDATE: The Claiming Words is now under contract for publication with Iconic Publishing ***

Alisa and Rachel each share a special bond with Jace. One is bound by friendship, the other by magic. Only one will hear the Claiming Words.

When mysterious, powerful Jace moves to Oaktree, he attracts the interest of everyone in school, but only one girl captures his attention…or, maybe two. Alisa is an outcast, but when she saves Jace from a Hunter, she finds herself drawn into a world of friendship and magic. Rachel has always felt different from everyone she grew up with, but an encounter with the new student only serves to illustrate how unique she is. As dangerous forces descend upon the small southern town, each girl shares a special connection with Jace, but only one will win his love.

The Claiming Words is 75,000 word paranormal romance novel geared toward the YA audience. The full manuscript is available upon request.

Tricia Drammeh

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